Elementary School

Grades Transitional Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

In the Elementary Program, the curriculum becomes more structured. Foundational skills for all areas of the curriculum are taught using a variety of materials and resources. Children enjoy rich and diverse learning skills in a variety of settings. It is also during these years that children begin to develop a sense of pride and responsibility. Loving support with firm limits helps children to organize and complete tasks, accept responsibility for their actions, and take pride in their accomplishments.

At Coast Episcopal School, we believe that education should reach outside the walls of the classroom and beyond the boundaries of textbooks, written assignments, and tests. Our teachers encourage students to stretch their minds and imaginations not only in the regular classroom setting, but also with special events, projects, research, experiments, and field trips.

The curriculum in the Elementary Program is viewed as a continuum of learning experiences rather than a narrow set of skills to be mastered. The language arts, mathematics, sciences and social studies, as well as the fine arts and physical education, are integrated and adapted to the learning styles and developmental needs of the students.

Intimate classes provide the opportunity for a rich variety of learning experiences that are exciting and challenging. The Christian atmosphere is warm and family-like, always encouraging the children to be curious and eager as they observe, inquire, and evaluate. Completion of the Elementary Program means students are well prepared to succeed and continue their lifelong love of learning.