Financial Aid Program

The goal of our financial aid program is to bridge the gap, as best we can with given limited resources, between what a family can reasonably be expected to contribute and what it actually costs to attend Coast Episcopal School. While the School firmly adheres to the principle that the primary responsibility for the costs associated with a student’s education lies with the family, we do understand that financial aid will be necessary to enable some students to attend. Financial aid is offered on a non-discriminatory basis to those individuals who can justify their financial need.   Applying for financial aid will not affect admission decisions. 

  • The Board of Trustees determines the annual budget that CES will dedicate towards the financial aid program.  
  • The child must be admitted to Coast Episcopal School before you apply for Financial Aid 
  • Under no circumstances will Coast Episcopal School offer 100% toward financial aid.  The School will make its best efforts to provide financial assistance to the best of its ability to those who demonstrate need.
  • Financial Aid is not offered for the Toddler or Preschool programs.
  • Financial aid will not be applied to Registration, Supply Fee, Technology Fee, or Fundraiser Fees.
  • CES Financial Aid committee uses FACTS Financial Aid Services for Financial Aid approval guidance.
  1. Complete online Admissions application and pay the application fee. The application fee is non refundable.
  2. After your child is admitted to Coast Episcopal School complete and submit the Facts Grant & Aid Assessment Form by April 21, 2024 available as a part of the online enrollment process. Note: You will have to create an account with FACTS and pay a $35.00 fee to complete the Financial Aid application.  
  3. A copy of the parents’ signed 2022 or 2023 (most recent filed) Federal Income Return 1040/1040A, as filed with the Internal Revenue Service, with W-2 and all applicable schedules must be submitted to Coast Episcopal School by April 21, 2024.  (Parents who own private businesses or farms should send us complete business tax returns. For those having formed limited partnerships, families must submit copies of the partnership return and K-1s.)  If 2023 has not been filed yet, please provide two most recent years.
  4. Your Financial Aid application will be reviewed after your child is admitted to Coast Episcopal School. The Financial Aid committee will make decisions by May 12, 2024.
  5. Parents must respond in writing by the date specified in their award letter if they wish to accept the School’s offer.  After this date, the School considers the offer declined and the funds will be reallocated.


Parents who are divorced, separated or who were never married

In the case of divorced or separated parents, or parents that have never married, the School considers the income and assets of both parents, custodial as well as non-custodial, before making any award. Financial need is determined by a family’s ability to meet educational expenses, not by a willingness to pay.  If either parent has remarried, the School considers financial circumstances of the step-parent, always bearing in mind the obligation of that step-parent to his or her other children. The School cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for education expenses. If the non-custodial parent refuses to submit the necessary information to the School, the application for financial aid may not be processed.  If one parent is not involved in the child’s life, a statement to this effect from a third party who is aware of the situation in a professional capacity (a lawyer, member of the clergy, school official, social worker) may be substituted for the financial documents from that parent.  

Children living with other relatives

Children who are living with grandparents or other relatives will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  If parents are living and are claiming the child on their tax return, the parents must complete financial aid forms.  If other family members have legal custody, forms will be required of the custodians, using his/her financial information.  The School requires copies of proof of custody.


Families who have their own business

All parents who own a business and/or farm will be required to furnish a copy of their current business tax return.  They may also be asked to furnish cash flow statements, balance sheets, and any other information relevant.

Any losses due to property and/or equipment depreciation will not be considered when calculating financial need.

For those having formed limited partnerships, families must submit copies of the partnership return and K-1’s.

Returning students

Every financial aid award is made for one year, and financial aid is approved for families on an annual basis.  Each year, and for each child, parents must submit the necessary forms to the School and to SSS. While significant changes in a family’s financial circumstances can impact the Report of Family Contribution (RFC), the goal of the financial aid program is to maintain funding at proportionate levels over a student’s years of enrollment.

Coast Episcopal School reserves the right to amend awards if new information comes to light after enrollment.

Financial aid is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Financial aid applications will not be accepted from any family with any outstanding balance on their account.